(Abbreviated CV)

2018 LA CREEPS, Family of Creeps, LAST Projects, Los Angeles, CA
2016 The Crystal Cockpit, Goodnight Projects, SF, CA
2015 SHIELD OF THE SKY, The Property Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2014 SHADOW FORCES, LAST Projects, Los Angeles, CA
2013 EVERYONE, Krowswork, Oakland, CA
2012 SEEK, Truesilver Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2008 Tomorrow, Gather, Seattle, WA
2008 Inside was Outside, Blue Dahlia, San Francisco, CA
2006 Lands End, Adobe Books, San Francisco, CA

Garden: a group show, LAST Projects, LA, CA
Interplay, Nan Rae Gallery Woodbury University, LA, CA
California Conversation, LAST Projects, LA , CA
Art Den by Barker Hanger, Odd Art, LA, CA
Maiden LA: CREEPS FLOATIES, Grand Fountain, Los Angeles, CA
Alluvium, Aqua Regia, Sante Fe, NM
Oxtail Soup, Andrew Murray Presents, Los Angeles, CA
LA CREEPS, LAZAABB, M.A.R.S. Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
NOW POST 11/9, Connect Gallery, Chicago, IL
Stepping into the Radiant Future, LAST Projects, Los Angeles, CA
Riboflavin-flavored, non-carbonated, polyunsaturated blood, PØST Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Dimensional CircumstancesNous Tous Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Fail Better, Last Projects, Los Angeles, CA
Experimental Half Hour Live Paint, Coaxial, Los Angeles, CA
Forests, Hills and the Moon, The Property Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Open House, The Property Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Gif Arts Festival L.A., Coaxial, Los Angeles, CA
Time Travelers, LAST Projects, Los Angeles, CA 2014
Plastic Hand, Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA
Plastic Hand, Lollipop Records, Los Angeles, CA
Plastic Hand, House on the Hill, Los Angeles, CA
Sunset Sculpture Show, House on The Hill, Los Angeles
SF MOMA 24 Hour Farewell Performance, SFMOMA, San Francisco, CA
People are a light to love, Alley Cat Books, San Francisco, CA
Summer of Video, Krowswork, Oakland, CA
Documento, Krowswork, Oakland, CA
Post-It Show 7, Giant Robot, Los Angeles, CA
BayWatch, San Francisco Film Society, San Francisco, CA
Puffin performance, Lake Gallery, San Francisco, CA
“Travelogue Reading”, Books & Bookshelves, San Francisco, CA
“We Believe”, YardSale, San Francisco, CA
“Mushroom Event”, YardSale, San Francisco, CA
Space Series, #1, TrueSilver Union, San Francisco, CA
“Windows into the Mind”, YardSale, San Francisco, CA
Absolute ZER01 Biennial, San Jose, CA
Shygrape, Collision MCMF, 21 Grand, Oakland, CA
WinterFest, SomArts Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Mundane Shift Shape Placement, Park Life, San Francisco, CA
Adobe Books 20th Anniversary Auction, SoEx, San Francisco, CA
Ice of the High, Pacific Basin Building, Berkeley, CA
Shygrape, The Ivy Room, Albany, CA
Shygrape, Blondies, San Francisco, CA
Shygrape, Blondies, San Francisco, CA
Rising Tide Conference, CCA, San Francisco, CA
Shygrape, Argus, San Francisco, CA
The Hair and the Hound, Gallery 17, San Francisco, CA
Shygrape, Mission Creek Music Festival, San Francisco, CA
Shygrape, Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA
Blowie, Thee Park Side, San Francisco, CA
Dollar Bill Project, Eleanor Harwood Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Albedo, Eleanor Harwood Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Where To, The Lab, San Francisco, CA
Systems and Transmutations, Root Division, San Francisco, CA
A Fine Time at Kottie’s II, Kotties House, San Francisco, CA
Roman Meal, ATA, San Francisco, CA
Grounded, SoEx, San Francisco, CA
The Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound, 12 Galaxies, San Francisco,CA
Numbers, The Uptown, Oakland, CA
“In the Valley of the Sun”(video collaboration),Triple Base, San Francisco, CA
Summer Residency Exhibition, Cooper Union, NYC, NY
California Roll INE KOBO GALLERY, Ine-Cho, Japan
Fine Time at Kotties, Kotties House, San Francisco, CA
Open Video Projects, Blue Room, Rome, Italy
Mission Creek Music and Arts Festival, The Lab, San Francisco, CA
Trampoline, Reactor Web, Webcast London/Berlin
Web Biennial, Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum
Popping Pixels, The City Gallery, New Haven, CT
LightDark, Istanbul festival, Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum
Spaghetti Party, Headlands Center of the Arts, Marin, CA
Paper Awesome!, Pigman Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1st Annual Gold Digger's Auction, New Langton Arts, San Francisco, CA
Funtime IV, CCA , San Francisco, CA SF
Bayennale, Sound Shack at Illuminated Corridor, Oakland, CA
Funtime III, 12 Galaxies, San Francisco, CA
SoundShack, ArtSF, San Francisco, CA


2003 MFA Drawing and Painting, CCA, San Francisco, CA
1994 BFA Painting and Drawing, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO